Monday, April 29, 2013

Minnow Makes Work!

Contributed by her Forever Mom

I’m ready!!!  Got some work for me to do???!!!
I read in “Dog Whisperer” that every dog should have a job.  Minnow thinks that one of her jobs is to dig holes so Dad can keep in shape filling them in…   Hmmmmmmm…

Minnow’s Song
(To the tune of I've been working on the railroad.)

I've been digging in the back yard!
All the live long day!
I've been digging in the back yard!
Just to pass the time away...
Can you hear my Daddy coming?
Grumbling all the way…
Can you hear my Mama calling?
Try to distract me today!

Mama is a singin'....

Minnow, don't you dig!
Minnow, don't you dig!
Minnow, don't you dig those ho-o-oles!

Come here really quick!
Have a carrot stick!

Minnow, don't you dig those holes!

CP Minnow busy helping the economy!

Have no fear!  If we ever get her to stop digging holes, she has another career carved out:  One of her other jobs seems to doing what she can to help the economy!  She works hard to chew up all of the "tough chew" toys that she can so they have to be replaced, thus creating more business for Pet Smart!

Minnow really Loves her Mom & Dad!


  1. Minnow is very lucky girl! Thank you for giving this doll such a wonderful home!!

  2. What a precious girl you are Ms. Minnow!

    And we love your career of top hole digger and toy destroyer!
    No job is too big for a cute cairn terrier like you!