Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CP Rammer nka Mick Celebrates his 1st Year!

Contributed by his Happy Forever Mom & Dad

Mick fka CP Rammer loves the dog park, but keeps an eye on his Family!
April 18, 2013 was a Very special day for CP Rammer, nka Mick!

April 18th was a very special day in our lives as 1 year ago a beautiful CP boy arrived at our door.  Mick is the most gentle, smartest, most loving boy!   He  spent 5 years in a puppy mill before being rescued by Col. Potter, and his great Foster parents, Jordan and Scott.  Then he came to us in to join his "bro" MR Spock, an 8 year old cairn who had been with me since he was 12 weeks old.

Mick has come into his own this past year, and it has been wonderful to see him grow as a dog and experience all the good things a dog should have!

How well I recall his first day at the dog park!  He still shies away from a lot of dogs, but enjoys the freedom of being off leash.  We keep a close eye on him, but he also keeps close on us or Spock!  Mick doesn't like big adventures.  He's a home body who love's love and people.

Mick knows what he likes!
One of the first things he did last year was get trained using a belly  band, and then timed outdoor visits, and then he said to me, “Dump the crate!  I want my bed only, and it has to be beside you - and with my CP blankey!”  This is still how Mick sleeps and naps.  A HAPPY DOG!

Mick and brother, Mr. Spock, have supplanted CATS in Dad’s heart and mind!
Mick takes every opportunity to snuggle with Dad and Spock while watching TV.  Dad used to be a cat person, but now he would not give up his proud "Cairn Terrier Dad" status for anything - a true conversion!  No more cats here!

Mick officiated as Best Dog at Mom & Dad’s wedding!
Mick was also a proud BEST DOG at our wedding!  He stole the show with his beautiful face and wonderful behavior!  He loved everyone and everyone loved him!

So, we celebrated our First Year with a Long walk and Frosty Paws!!!!!  We are certainly proud parents of two wonderful Cairn sons, and we tell everyone about Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network -  the greatest resource for a Great Cairn Companion!

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Mick!

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