Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CP Tayana nka Ana is Happily Home!

Contributed by her Happy Forever Mom

CP Tayana nka Ana getting a first look at her Forever home.
Last July, two days after Independence Day, four little puppy mill Cairns sailed into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, including Tayana, a little Black Brindle girl.  Her left ear had been vertically ripped in 2 or 3 places, and the remaining part of her ear was folded backwards, still her Foster Mom found her to be very sweet and loving, though afraid to be picked up or approached by humans.  

Ana can move mountains with her look!
While Tayana learned to trust her Foster Mom, many miles away, her Forever Mom and Dad were moving slowly toward adopting a Rescue Cairn from CPCRN.  A Recreational Therapist at a local nursing home, Forever Mom had turned to Col. Potter on the recommendation of the son of a patient of hers, thanks to CP’s Tadpole, adopted by him in 2006, and a frequent visitor to the nursing home. 

Ana and big sister Ella enjoying some sunshine!
After lots of careful consideration, this young couple fell in love with a little Foster boy that was heartworm positive, waiting for him to complete his treatment and become available, but it turned out that this little boy was not meant for them.  Some things are just not meant to be.  They were greatly disappointed, but after more thoughtful consideration, Tayana seemed to be the perfect match, and so it was that this little Foster Cairn flew from sunny Texas to snowy Philadelphia in early January to start her Forever life.

Ana getting comfortable in her new home!
“After a walk around the block with lots of scary noises and exciting smells, we came back in just hung out in the living room -- specifically Ana was on my lap while her new Dad watched football!” laughs Forever Mom.

”She clearly had a long day and was a bit out of sorts,” remembers Mom.  “At first she didn't really want to come to me as I sat on the floor across from her -- not even to sniff my outstretched hand -- but then, as I talked to her and asked her all about her crazy day, she came closer and closer until I could start petting her, and then she plopped her head down on my leg, and remained in my lap after that! We were thrilled and so happy to at last have Ana here with us!  She already felt like a part of our family!!”

CP Tadpole and Ana (on Mom’s lap) take a brake from therapy work!
Forever Mom hopes to be able to certify Ana as a Therapy Dog, and is already taking steps in that direction.  “We haven't started any official training as of yet, but Ana did come to work with me last week, and she had a grand old time!  She sat in residents’ laps and cuddled all of my coworkers!  She is definitely a mellow but playful girl!  She even got to meet Tadpole, the Cairn that inspired us to get in touch with Col. Potter!  They were so cute together!”

“The best thing is that Tayana loves to rest her head on whatever body part she can find of me or her Dad, and then she proceeds to stare into our eyes!  I have been told that Cairns are probably the best con artists on the planet, and I can see that in our Ana!”

Ana snuggling with a happy New Mom!
“We truly belong to Ana and she is doing wonderfully!  Thank you Col. Potter and keep up the great work!”

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  1. Thank you SO much to our hard-working matchmaker, Susan S. who helped in every part of the process! She truly helped make the perfect match! Thank you Susan!!

    Bob & Erikka