Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Angus (and Mary) Saved a Human

Macy and Angus
Mary, Mom Dee and Angus

I am Mom to 2 Cairn Terriers, Macy and Angus. I've had my rescue, Macy, for almost 4 years. While at the dog park one day, I met Mary S, a foster mom for Col. Potter. 

I had never heard of your organization and we talked for quite a while. She has since been a wonderful friend and Cairn mentor to me.

I have viewed the CP website pretty much every day since because I love to see 'adoption pending' and 'adopted' next to these sweet babies. And I've made a few donations along the way. I saw Angus listed as a cross posting for the Houston SPCA and fell in love with his picture. I was so afraid something bad would happen to him in a shelter and emailed Mary as fast as I could. She checked and said that CP was standing by if they needed to take him. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I thought about him and felt anxious because he was at a shelter. I even dreamed about him. I first saw him on the website on a Tuesday, went to see him twice on Wednesday and adopted him on Friday. Mary was so sweet and met me at the SPCA when I adopted Angus. I think CP foster moms must be the best!! I know Mary is for sure!

My wheaten Cairn, Macy, is still adapting to her new brother, but I see progress every day. She and Angus are night and day in looks and personality....except they both LOVE people.

I just wanted to thank Col. Potter for cross posting with shelters. If not, I would not have the sweetest little guy in the world.


Dee T

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