Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rothko goes HOME!!!

It actually happened last weekend, but read on and click HERE for more photos.

This afternoon my sweet, shy foster Rothko met his forever Mom & Dad. They drove 3 hours to get this shy boy at my house to help Rothko be comfortable. Well, it was love at first sight for all three of them! Rothko now Roscoe greeted all with open paws. His mom gave him a new toy which he destroyed with delight in no time at all. His foster sister Gabby joined in the carnage adding to everyone's entertainment. The cairns played while we all laughed at their antics. Roscoe's new mom said "He's more than I expected. He makes my heart sing!" to my ears!

Roscoe has a new brother Reggie, a schnoodle, who has been depressed since the death of his cairn brother. Roscoe & Reggie would have none of the planned slow introduction and are best buddies. I've had two updates already!! Roscoe has a new nickname - "Roscoe the rascal"!! The little guy emptied the toy boxes and has run laps through the house. Apparently he forgot he was shy! His new parents had been following Rothko/Roscoe on the website for some time and picked him out as the boy they wanted to be part of their family. How lucky all of them are!!

I'll miss you Rothko-Roscoe and all your hugs. You now have a family all cairns dream of! Happy forever my sweet boy!!

Ft. Wayne IN

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