Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's Zoe - Playful, Smart and a Fashionista!

Our beautiful Zoe, the former PM Momma known as "Goldenrod", has been home with us for one month and we are so in love with her it brings happy tears!! She is an amazing and wonderful little girl...happy, affectionate, playful and brave about trying most new things. She is filled to the brim with Cairnitude, tho usually listens when told "No" if trying things like my camera or shoes for chewability and taste.

She has been increasingly brave about exploring the house....has climbed the stairs several times, tho still prefers to be carried....well, she is a Cairn Princess, after all! 

Has navigated the yard in ever expanding paths instead of staying close to the front door, as she did in the beginning. Has met several neighbors and their dogs with some reserve, but much curiosity and tolerance.

Zoe's play repertoire has also grown. Her Dad taught her the joys of tug-of-war using a stuffed long-tailed skunk. Sadly, the skunk lost and is awaiting medical attention and stitches from Mom. But Mom's are nothing if not resourceful, so a new tug-of-war toy was fashioned from a tube sock and a chew Zoe's favorite. She recently started playing ball, tho it's never certain if she will bring it back or just pounce on it and try to chew it...either way, it's fun for can actually see her great big grin!

Like all Cairns, she loves to chew....sometimes that included Mom if we were playing too hard. She now has many chew toys as alternatives, including a nubby bumpy ball she favors most. I also looked for another form of entertainment and, voila!...the little red rubbery treat gripper was discovered! Zoe worked that little toy every which way...including tossing it around to try to get the residual treat bits to fall out...well, i did tell you she was smart.

Zoe has a lovely little wardrobe since we are continuously dealing with little skin bumps and occasional scratching. The Vet says the bumps are hives probably caused by grass allergy, which Zoe loved rolling in til this news. I apply hydrocortisone cream to any bumps and dress her in something that covers her front legs/chest, where the problem areas are most prevalent. She is also wiped down with unscented baby wipes every time she returns from the yard/grass, as well as eating a limited ingredient diet.

We want to again thank everyone at CP for bringing us our Zoe....she has truly brightened our lives and brought great joy back to our home. Next on the agenda is a Cairn sibling to play with Zoe...and us!

Harriet K in Baltimore

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