Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bradshaw is a Real Lovey!

I adopted the sweetest boy from CP recently! His name was Bradshaw, but we have gone back to his previous name, Lovey. It so fits him because he is such a LOVE! He is housebroken, gets along with everyone, won't get on furniture or our bed unless invited (wish my cairns were as well behaved!) & never barks in the house! 

His favorite activities are bird watching (hopefully not catching), playing with toys & long walks with his Mom. This guy is as close to perfect as a cairn can be! He does have some skin issues, but my vet has prescribed meds that are working well & he is on grain-free food.

My 3 year old CP girl Mia is so happy to have a buddy to play with & my old cairns are happy that she is leaving them alone! We took a trip to the beach last Sunday. Lovey enjoyed swimming with my sister's golden Sadie. Many thanks to Chris Co for being such an awesome Foster Mom & to my friend Mary N for helping to complete my pack.

Lisa, happy new Mom in MA
Max--We have a new dog? I hadn't noticed, I only have eyes for Mom.
Mia--I love my new buddy!
BZ--I'm 15, don't play too close to me, I'm napping.
Lovey--Good food, treats, toys, fenced yard, long walks, doggie buddies--what more could a cairn want? Thanks CP!

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  1. Love your cairn crew!!!

    Thank you for chosing rescue - Lovey is a lucky boy.