Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maisie at the Shore

Foster Mom Karen O says:

I just had to share these pictures Sheryl sent to me of my former foster girl, Maisie. She is actually smiling!!!!

Some of you who were at the NY CRAP will remember meeting Maisie, Sheryl, and her mom. Maisie was originally featured on the blog "From a Pauper to a Princess". Click the link to read her story.

Click the Video that Lynda G put together. I cry every time I watch this. She was the most terrified mill foster I had, and I laid in an expen with her in our backyard for hours, just trying to get her used to my closeness and touch.

She was here for over 9 months and required a VERY special home. Sheryl had been following my foster reports for 3 months on the available Cairns page, before she applied to adopt her. It was just meant to be and Sheryl has continued to work miracles with Maisie. I am absolutely thrilled with how much Maise has progressed.

Recently, Maisie visited this lakeside for a relaxing stroll and cooling dip. What a new wonderful life she has!

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