Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teagan Has a New Home

On Friday, I drove the lovely Miss Teagan to Memphis where I put her into the arms of her new family. It was a happy day. Here are a couple of pics. The first was taken on adoption day. The second is one of her at her new home today. As you can see, she has settled right in!
Foster Mom Deb in Arkansas

And a story from Deborah C who did the home safety visit:

This is so great, I did the HSI for Jan and David and they are wonderful folks and are already totally in love with this girl. 
The back of the couch is every cairn's favorite resting spot!

Jan was so funny when she called to tell me they were home. She said that Teagan was accustomed to getting a treat after going out and Jan not completely aware after only adopting her a few hrs before "forgot" this important deed. It seems that Miss Teagan went to her bag of important things foster mom Deb had sent along with her and removed the box of treats and brought them to her new mom and dropped them at her feet and looked at her as if to say, you need to get with the program! lol...Jan said she promptly gave Teagan the treat and then told her husband that not only do they have a car that is smarter than them, a phone that is smarter than them, they now have a cairn that is smarter than them too! I got a big chuckle out of that one cause it is soooo true...these kids are incredible!

Have A Blessed Day,
Deborah C

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