Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scout Turn 18!

We have cause to celebrate today.  Scout turns 18!!  Talk about Cairntude, this guy has it.  He's had Cushings over half of his life and has heart problems on top of that, he's lost most of his eyesight and hearing, but his nose works great and he still loves his food.  

We carry him up and down the steps as he can't see to navigate them (he took a tumble down an entire flight one day; scared me to death!)  He still loves to go for car rides and roam around the yard with the breeze blowing thru his hair.  With winter a few months away, hopefully he'll be able to play in the snow once again and make snow angels.  My husband has had Scout since he was a puppy (I'm sure he's a mill dog) and fell in love with the breed as have I when we got together.

Besides Scout, we have Cali, 6, Cubbie, 10, and Wrigley, 3. Cubbie and Wrigley were fosters of mine that showed up on our doorstep and never left. So, here's a toast to Mr. Scoutie -- hopefully you'll be with us to see your 19th! I've attached a photo of the herd and Bill all piled on his chair. Scout is the wheaton on the left, Wrigley is the redhead, Cali has her head on Bill's leg and Cubbie Bear is in Bill's left arm. Our kids. How dull our lives would be without them!!

Roberta in WI

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