Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Divinity Celebrates her 4th Gotcha Day!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Beautiful Divinity celebrates her 4th year with Dad!
A dozen Cairns, all filthy and matted, were rescued in late November, 2008, coming into the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) as a group whose members were deemed past their useful life at the commercial breeding facility...

11/29/2008, Divinity finds Freedom with Col. Potter!
CP Divinity was the second oldest of the group, being nine years old, at the time.  Having been bred many, many times, living in a wire cage for all those years, Divinity was also timid and had very tender paws that hurt when she walked.  Still, her loving Foster Mom helped this little lady tiptoe into Freedom (see her video from January, 2009), and then her Dad came along, four years ago today, and brought her Home, where they could embrace her Freedom together!

Divinity is ready for all kinds of adventures with her Dad!
Dad helped Divinity become a certified Therapy Dog!
Divinity and her Dad keep a truly lovely Blog and there are many stories and photos there that you can surely enjoy, but it all boils down to this: 

There is no age limit on Love! 

There is no limitation on what a determined little Cairn can do with the Love and support of a caring human being who can look at a “worn-out” Puppy Mill Momma and see only great adventures in her future!

Happy 4th Gotcha Day! 

Best Wishes for Many more, Divinity and Divinity’s Dad!!!

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  1. I meet Divinity in 2010 when I came from NH to visit her Dad. Her Dad had to be gone when I arrived, so he left the door unlocked for me. Divinity didn't even bark, she just came up on the couch where I sat down and went to sheep to wait for her Dad to come back. She is such a laid back dog with wonderful personality.