Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CP Blaiser nka Dude finds his Special Someone!

Contributed by Duderbug the Cuddle King

CP Blaiser nka Dude loves his new yard!

This is the most unbelievable thing!  I have this place all to myself!

WooHoo!  I’m the only dog in this yard!

Well, not exactly, if you count my New Mom and the cats, but close enough!

I have no problem with the cats, by the way, but at first, even though I wagged my tail and trotted right over to the glass door to say “Hi!”, that young cat just stared back at me, then hissed and arched her back!  The other cat just ran and hid in the closet!  We finally, after a few days, got to sit together (well, in the same room, anyway) and watch t.v. with Mom, and I got to cuddle with Mom, so fine by me!  I didn’t have to compete for Mom’s belly rubs and skritches!  It was Great!

The neighbors have noisy dogs, but…

…Mom has a great fence to keep intruders out!
As you may recall, I spent the first eight years of my life in a cage, pretty much, with so many other, nameless dogs, and then I got sprung from there by Col. Potter and ended up with a name - CP Blaiser – and a new thing called “Freedom” and a bunch of dogs running around, chasing squirrels, playing with toys, getting belly rubs and skritches – so many options, it was enough to drive me in circles!

“Beware of Dog!”  That’s Me! He! He! He!!!
My Foster Mom, Kim, is probably missing me, having basked in the glow of my charming, sparkling eyes for three years, but I know she is happy for me, having my very own home now!  She always called me “Duderbug the Cuddle King!" and my New Mom liked that, I guess, because she decided to call me “Dude”.  I already love to cuddle with her, and now I just wait patiently, laying upright looking at her with my gorgeous eyes, crossing my front legs, just so, until she can not help herself, and picks me up to cuddle!

I loved my Foster Home…
Well, I have lots of things to get used to here, and Mom has to get used to me, but I have to say, I really think I have found my own Special Someone, and I plan to give her a special cuddle on Mother’s Day!

…but I LOVE my own Forever Home!

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  1. Happy forever Dude!!! I'm so happy you finally have your own Mom. Thank you Col. Potter and foster mom Kim for taking care of this sweet boy until he found a home.