Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CP Mystique nka Zeke & Zoe on the Jersey Shore!

Contributed by Zeke fka CP Mystique

Zeke fka CP Mystique

Hello Springtime!

Well, I know it’s coming any day now!  I’ve been living down here along the Jersey Shore and Winter gets old, after a while!

Zoe is a wonderful Best Friend!
Anyway, Zeke here with my very Best Friend, Zoe!  You might remember me as CP Mystique, but Mom thought that Zeke and Zoe sounded much better – and she didn’t have to worry about the monogrammed towels!  “Z” works for both of us!  Even more exciting, we discovered that we do our Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs lined up like boats in the harbor or synchronized swimmers!  Pretty neat!

Synchronized sleeping – almost an Olympic sport!
I can sometimes be a little “Mama’s Boy” - following Mom around all day and sneaking kisses and cuddles - but I also love to go out with Dad, especially for our early morning walks, and I find my new human sister is also great to cuddle with!

A little Mystique for the ladies… Well, O.K., I was sleepy!
Zoe is a true friend, letting me come in and share her wonderful home, and I have given her a wonderful gift as well!  Mom stopped feeding her that diet stuff and switched her to Wellness Core like me, and she never gets sick anymore!  No more UTI's and antibiotics for her!  She even gave me a kiss for that one - and she does not do that very often!  I helped her out and gave Mom an extra kiss for Zoe for being such a good Mom!

I really Love my new home!  Standing ovation!
Well, as you can see, I am enjoying a wonderful life with my new family and Zoe, and all I need now is Spring!!!


  1. Dear Zeke, Zoe and family. I am so happy to see a post of Zeke (Ezekiel) and pictures too. I have missed him terrible and am so grateful he has found a wonderful home and friend in Zoe. I am happy that his Dad can take him for walks as I was unable to because of disabilities and I knew that was important for him. He would follow me around also and loved to sit with me at night to cuddle. Thank you so much for giving a loving home to Zeke, it has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Ginny Sidmore