Saturday, June 8, 2013

CP Caruso Cruses into Year Four!

Contributed by CP Caruso (with a little help from Mom)

CP Caruso has shaken off the Terrible Twos…

Caruso here!  I’m three!  My Mom told me so!  My sister, Cindel, is five and a half, and my big brother, Wicket, is seven “and change” (whatever that means!  Mom didn’t want to break out the calculator to figure it out more precisely!).  Anyway, this makes me the Baby still, even though I am getting older.  Mom says I’m a Big Boy now, but I am not sure I agree…  Being the Baby has its rewards! 

…and is now – officially, Mom says – a Three year old Big Boy…

Another thing:  My Mom says I need to be more responsible, now that I am starting my Fourth year – but I just finished being Two!  I know how to count - like any good Cairn – so I know that Three comes after Two!  I’m Three!!!  The only thing I’m figuring is that Mom is so done with the Terrible Twos, she just wants to push me toward a more mature number???

…starting out Year Four on the right paw!
Anyway, I love my Mom and Dad, and I love my brother and sister too - even though I get mad at Wicket sometimes.  He says things under his breath to me that make me mad, but since my Mom and Dad can’t hear his little jabs, they just think I am being a little jerk when I get him in my sight and pounce!  Got into a little trouble for that one, but it did not stop me from doing it again!  I’m a Terrier, what can I say?!!!

Balls, however, are Big Boy toys too!
Actually, that didn’t turn out so well.  Mom and Dad were not happy. They loaded us into the car and I thought we might be going off to celebrate my Birthday, but we ended up at the Vet’s!  Of course, there was nothing for the vet to really look at because Wicket and I were our usual sweet selves today!  The vet took some blood from us and checked us over pretty good, just so Mom and Dad would feel better.

Cindel, Caruso, and Wicket waiting for Cheese!
But this is the important part:  The vet told Mom and Dad that I was Sooooo much improved since she first met me a year ago!  And she was right!  Last year, I was very stiff, and they stuck that old muzzle on me because they didn’t know what I might do when they were scaring me with so many horrible things – and I didn’t understand what they were going to do!  Today, I stood still and let them examine me with no trouble! And then, I was whining because Wicket was on the table, so Mom did the hand signal for “Sit” and then “Down”, and I did it!  The vet was Very impressed! :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…  Being three is exhausting!
I’m Three years old, starting my Fourth year, happily Forever Home thanks to Mom and Dad, and everyone in Col. Potter who worked so hard to save me and set me up for the Best year of my life - so far! 

Take a look at my grand entrance to Col. Potter:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Caruso joins the CP show!


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