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Remembering Miri fka CP Lena on Mother’s Day!

Contributed by her Forever Mom

Miri fka CP Lena immortalized in pastels!
From time to time a puppy mill rescue includes a pregnant female and the Col. Potter Volunteers provide the only medical attention the mother-to-be has ever had.  Lina, for example, arrived at CPCRN at about eight years of age, estimated to be within about two weeks or so of her due date, exhausted and shaking.  

CP Lena at intake
Her CP Foster parents watched her very closely and observed that she seemed to be having a problem urinating, so they whisked her off to be examined on an emergency basis by their trusted vet, and the results were sobering.  There was a huge stone (size of a quarter) in Lina’s small bladder that was preventing urination, and her calcium level was perilously low.  The puppies had turned and were lined up to drop into the birth canal, but the lack of calcium indicated that the contractions would not be strong enough to push the puppies out, and there was the issue of the canal being blocked by the bladder stone.

Thanks to Col. Potter Lena’s puppies…
To save her life and the lives of her puppies, Lena had emergency surgery to deliver her five puppies by C-section, remove the stone from her bladder, spay her, scrape her teeth (her lower front teeth were all missing and her back teeth were green, and five more teeth just fell out as they were cleaned), and extracting a back molar with a painful abscess.


…were born into Freedom and Love!
It is almost certain that Lena and all of her puppies would have perished cruelly had she been left to deliver in the puppy mill.  As it was, the puppies were taken from her about a week too soon so they were all about half the weight they should have been at birth, and the smallest survived for only two days, in spite of everyone’s best effort to save them all.  Thanks to the dedication of her CP Foster parents, and the love and support of so many Volunteers, Lena recovered from her ordeal and was soon ready to start over.

On Mother’s Day weekend, 2006, after spending eight long years in a puppy mill, Lena went to her Forever Home where she became Miri Lace “with the pretty face”, a treasured member of the family who learned to love life completely, giving it all the gusto you can imagine!

Miri running across her yard, enjoying her Freedom!
Puppy mill survivors have many scars, seen and unseen.  At eight years of age, Miri Lace may well have had as many as fourteen or fifteen litters, and anyone who has been pregnant even once can appreciate the terrible physical stress these puppy mill mommas are forced to endure, even if they are kept in clean cages.  Sadly, within five short years of her rescue, Cushings disease ultimately crept in to take this precious little girl from those who loved her.  Miri lost her battle on November 22, 2010, but only after she filled the rest of her short life up with everything she could gather.

Miri filled every day with Love!
We have other dogs we love, we have other dogs we loved, we have been loved by many dogs, but few have ever made an impression on so many as Miri did.  She touched us all with her strength, love, and endurance, and our hearts still ache for her.

Miri said farewell far too soon…
On Mother’s Day and every day, we love you, Miri Lace with the pretty face – and we miss you more than you can imagine...

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