Saturday, May 11, 2013

Barley Brews up some Flavorful Forever Moments!

Written by Barley fka CP San Giorgio

Barley fka CP San Giorgio – Cute face, right?
Barley here!  Remember me?  Well, you might know me as CP San Giorgio, the lizard chasing youngster who liked to "decorate" my first home with, um, well, the “spoils of war” I think they call it?

I just Love my new lookout, errrr deck!

Anyway, now I have a Fantastic new home with a Spectacular back yard – and it’s all mine!  I am, as they say, the “King of my Dominion” - namely the back yard.  I also love my deck where I can observe the whole yard from up above, plotting my next patrol!   I truly LOVE it!!!

Patrolling the yard is a big job…
…requiring lots of detailed investigation!
“What a character!”  Can you believe that is what my Mom keeps saying?!!  What does that even mean?  Anyway, every day brings new adventures!  Today I found a black snake climbing up the tree in the yard!  Wow!!!  I was fixated! 

I have Mom and Dad pretty well trained already.  When I am stalking prey, or potential prey (as far as they know, I haven't actually caught anything yet!  Let’s keep that way for now, O.K.?), I am totally fixated on the task at hand.  I will NOT be lured away, and trying to get my attention at that point is a lost cause!  Of course, when I lose interest, I am one adorable and obedient little boy, and I expect them to pay attention to nothing but Me!  They are pretty quick students, I’d say! 

Oh, I have transitioned from sleeping in my kennel to sleeping in a dog bed at the foot of Mom & Dad’s bed.  Very nice!  The first thing I did, however, was go back to my kennel and pull out my Col. Potter fleece blanket that I brought here with me.  I put it in my new bed, and I sleep with my head on it.  Thank you Col. Potter for all the sweet dreams!

I am a much later sleeper than my predecessor, according to Mom and Dad, and I love to go to my pad in the sunny breakfast room to continue my slumber after Dad and I go for a walk, get breakfast, and retrieve the newspaper.  When Mom gets up, a bit later, I always get a nice chew, sometimes a brushing, and, once the grass dries a little, I go outside for my first patrol.  

Work, work, work!  Don’t expect to see my face again anytime soon!
 Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Life is Good!!!

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