Saturday, February 16, 2013

CP's Moffat nka “Monty” Celebrates a Month at Home in the Sunshine State!

Contributed by a Post Adoption Volunteer

Monty (CP’s Moffat) knows how to make New Dad smile!

Monty, fka “CP Moffat”, left snowy Wisconsin a month ago and landed in sunny Florida, delivering more sunshine to his New Mom and Dad in his Forever Home!

Monty is like a new "spark of life", dancing when Mom and Dad come home!  There is a resident cat and the cat and Monty just ignore each other, which is fine.  Monty loves to go on walks and is doing a good job keeping Mom and Dad well exercised. 

A stepper?  No, no, I want to take you for a Walk!

Training is easy as he is a very food-driven dog, although his treats are being carefully monitored because Monty would eat all of the time!  In fact, Monty woke everyone up in the middle of the night one time:  He had gotten into the pantry and was helping himself to some dog chow!

Monty has had successful trips to the vet and the grooming salon, and every day he seems to look forward to learning more about enjoying his new life!

Thanks to all the CP Volunteers who made this Rescue and  Happy Ending possible!

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  1. Monty is a very lucky dog...... Living with his new owners(mom & dad) is like winning the jackpot! He was addopted by the nicest people I know!! He is a cutie