Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Dog Found!

Written by a CP Tag Team Volunteer

This little CP tag can save your little dogs - and big dogs too!

I got a call from a Police Department today and I immediately asked if they had a little dog.  The answer was yes, so I got the tag number and looked up where he belonged.  I called the owner who was thrilled to get my call that her little boy was SAFE!

I told her that our cards group would be sending a thank you card and calendar to the police station, and especially to the officer who was driving towards the station, bringing in a prisoner.   He spotted a dog in the street and pulled towards him and opened his door.  Dog jumped right in! LOL

The adoptive Mom asked me to please remind everyone to keep their tags on their dog(s) and to keep their contact info up to date.  She's so grateful that she's making a donation to CP for the safe return of her precious little guy.

That was a really nice end result to a phone call.  I really like to get found dog calls a whole lot more than lost dog calls!

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