Saturday, February 2, 2013

Woody and Katie Mildred Love the Park!

Contributed by their Mom

Woody (fka Zinger) and Katie Mildred (fka Mildred) enjoying a photo break!

Katie Mildred (CP Mildred) and Woody (CP Zinger) are great together!  They are often walking side by side on our walks, and they follow each other in the back yard.  I took these pictures when we recently went to the park.  It is a favorite since it involves a short car ride then a walk - with loads of great sniffs!  I love the 2nd picture where Woody seems to be whispering in Katie’s ear!

“Hey!  Pssssst!   You’re supposed to Sit for pictures!”

The squirrels are not as plentiful in our yard now.  The word is out that Katie the terrier- ist is out to get them!

These two eat together and politely wait their turn for treats.  One day I came home and Katie was up on the couch with Woody, and he was fine with it.  She has a hard time getting up because her legs are short.  I was amazed to see her take a running leap, to get on the couch!

They don't chase each other around the yard, but I did see them playing tug of war with Katie's squirrel.  Woody still does not understand when Katie bumps him and kisses his mouth that she is trying to get him to play.  

They both great children and adults with wagging tails!  Very sweet!  Katie goes up to big dogs to check them out, but Woody usually hides behind me - although, he has made friend with one big dog!  

These pups bring us lots of pleasure and laughs!  Thanks so much for taking such good care of them!

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