Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Freddy Flies to Forever!

Contributed by his Happy New Mom and a Post Adoption Volunteer

Freddy fka CP Fredericton makes himself right at home!!!
Remember little Stitch fka CP Halifax, whose Col. Potter story began with a wonderful group of Canadian CP volunteers holding a fundraising event?  Well, another precious member of “O Canada!” has made his mark on the Forever world!

Fredericton, aka “Freddy”, a very frightened little boy, got his first real taste of Freedom at his Foster Home in Kansas, and slowly opened up with the help of his Foster brother and sister, Wally and Mika, and the great patience and love of his Foster Mom and Dad.

Meanwhile, Forever Mom was grieving the loss of her little Cairn boy, Max, as was her 15 year old daughter and 5-year old Shih Tzu, Missy.  When she spotted Fredericton on the Col. Potter website, she knew he was meant for her family!  The fact that he loved to curl up with his Foster Brother, Wally, made her believe that he could help Missy get over the loss of her great friend, with whom she loved to sleep.

Freddy came right to New Mom to say Hello!
Sometimes these things are just written in the stars!

After lots of preparation, including exchanging scented items with Foster Mom, New Mom flew from Philadelphia to Kansas City to meet little Freddy and bring him home.   “Freddy came right to me!” New Mom said, thrilled that he had reacted to her so well.

Meeting at the airport and turning around to bring Freddy home on the next flight offered so many opportunities for things to go wrong for this fearful little boy, including having to carry him through Security, out of the Sherpa bag, but all of the preparation and a wink and a nod from Murphy saw it all come together beautifully!
“We made it!  Just went through security and Freddy is in the bag!  Not the happiest to go in the bag, but the girl behind me helped me zip him up.  We are good!”  said New Mom, waiting to board.  “He has done so well.  He is really a good dog!”

After flying to Chicago and changing planes to go to Philadelphia, New Mom still had rave reviews!  “Well we made it and little Freddy was a pure angel!  He sat nicely in the carrier and waited for 2 flights.  He did GREAT!”

I promise, Mom: No marking if you let me come – Pleeeeease???

So Fearful Freddy became Flying Freddy, and then New Mom got to bring him to his New Home!  “I brought Freddy home and he was not the least bit scared at all!  He just happily went around and marked every place he could!  He really was so happy when he saw Missy!  He was doing a whole wagging dance for her - and he went right to my daughter and sat on her lap and rolled over for belly rubs!  He was great!!!  He was wagging his tail so hard, he was so happy!  He did not act strange at all!”

So, New Mom has to learn about Belly Bands now, but everything else is great!

New Mom had to go to work next morning, and worried all day.  When she came home, she got an enthusiastic greeting from Missy, but “…Freddy was preoccupied with my daughter!  He eventually came over but was busy lying on his new sister Kate!” Mom said, laughing.

Freddy was perfect all day in the house!  “Missy helped him go behind the curtain today to look outside!  They had a great day!” reports New Mom.  “I worried all day for nothing!  My daughter stepped up to the plate.  It was great to see!  She was home not feeling well, so Freddy sat with her on the couch.  She said that when she went upstairs, he barked until she came back!” 

Freddy takes a turn at Therapy Dog work and Brightens the day!!!

Day two, New Mom went to help a woman who had suffered a stroke, and Freddy came to work with her, trying his paws at Therapy Dog work.  “He made her day!  She loves him!” New Mom enthused proudly, so happy that this once fearful little dog is finding the world a friendlier place.

“I am so happy that he is so happy!” glows New Mom.  “He will get used to our rules.  It has been smooth sailing, really...  except for a little pee!”


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Flying Freddy's story! This brought tears to my eyes - so much love and joy from one (formerly) scared little Cairn boy. Thank you for giving him a forever home and thank you to his foster family for all their love and support. And thanks for our Cairnadian group for raising the funds that allowed Freddy to have a whole new life!

  2. This is a wonderful story!! Made my day.