Friday, February 1, 2013

Meatloaf Celebrates 5 years at Home in Georgia!

Contributed by his Loving Mom

Meatloaf after his 1st grooming!

This past Monday was Meatloaf's 5th Gotcha Day!  I cannot believe it was five years ago that this silly boy came here to be Fostered…  Little did we know when we picked up that fur ball from the vet's office how much our lives were about to change! 

The first photo is the one I took just about an hour after he arrived.  Believe it or not, my goal was just to trim his face a bit so he could see.  Once I trimmed around his face, I decided to try to get a bit off the rest of him with the Mars since he didn't seem to mind and was so relaxed.  I've never seen hair come out with a Mars the way his did that first day, and he never asked me to stop…  actually seemed to enjoy it!  When we walked out of my sewing room, Dad couldn't believe it was the same dog that went in there thirty minutes before!

Oh, the joys of a squeaky Purple Thing!

We are now anxiously waiting for the mail as I think I've finally located "the purple" thing that Meatloaf is so crazy about!!  Three are on the way to our house…  Please keep your fingers crossed that these are the RIGHT ones!

The other day when Meatloaf was playing with it, we noticed what had started out as a tiny puncture had gradually turned into a rather large rip.  Thankfully, Dad recently bought some of the most amazing user friendly super glue and I was able to not only glue the rip, but to repair it to the point that the toy’s long silent squeaker once more works!  

You just would not believe how thrilled Meatloaf was with the return of the squeak!  He was like a kid on Christmas morning.  Played and played to the point of exhaustion, and did not want to relinquish it.  We have to have scheduled "purple thing time" every day because Duffy must be crated or on the deck as the boys would fight for it, and Tori would tear it up.

Mom!  Shouldn’t you be getting ready for supper?  It’s only 2 hours from now…

Thank you Col. Potter for taking him when the call for help came!  Thank you Deb C. for B&Bing him, and Sheltie Rescue for saving him!

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