Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tucker: Loving the Best Life!

It's been a while since we've sent an update on our Tucker-man, so we thought we'd let Col. Potter know Tucker's doing just swell. He's been here in his furever home now for over 2.5 years, and we just don't know what we'd do without him. He and his Westie sister Zoe keep us entertained and busy!

Tucker has come a long way since that fall day we picked him up from his foster mom, Stacey. He still has some fears - we suppose he will always have, but he's a sweet, friendly little guy who loves his walks, trips to the pet store and most of all - Mommy's homemade treats. This boy LOVES to eat! Tucker's going to experience his first vacation in September when we take him and Zoe to the Smoky Mtns. We can't wait!

We'd like to thank Col. Potter once again for inspiring us to get involved in rescue. We are volunteers with Westie Rescue of TN and often have a foster Westie in our home, as we do right now. Tucker's been very accepting of the fosters, and he and Zoe have been a great help in showing the little rescues the ropes.

Were it not for Col. Potter we wouldn't have our precious Tucker and we wouldn't have found the joy we've found in rescue. There is nothing like seeing the gratitude in the eyes of a little rescue when you clean him up, give him a soft bed, good food, plenty of fresh, clean water and love. As you all know, rescue is hard work but it is SO rewarding.

Thank you to all the volunteers who give SO much of themselves so that little Cairns just like Tucker can live the good life just like Tucker is.

Patte & Family in TN

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