Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today is Gilly's 11th birthday

Today is Gilly's 11th birthday.  I can't believe that I've had him for 11 years!  So far today he's not a happy boy......who gets groomed on their birthday he wants to know??  He still looks like a yak but a much neater one!  So then he got a Wagatha's treat (had to share with Chloe)--again not happy about the sharing part!  The poor little guy is under the dining room table safe from that grooming madwoman!  So I guess we'll have to have a special treat at dinner (salmon ought to do the trick!)  He's the one that helped me find that AOL cairn list 11 years ago...what to do with a cairn terrier puppy??!!  And I'm still learning!  Happy Birthday to my little guy!
Maureen A in NY
Gilly, I lubs my mommy
Chloe, I'm still a Princess but I can come up the steps now all by myself

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