Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jaden's Wonderful Life

Here's a great update from Jaden's (fka Spinach) furever family:

Good morning - just wanted to share  with all that Jaden's  left ear is now standing straight up and she is looking gorgeous with her thick fur growing out. She looks very different, but still very striking with her  brindle  coloring sprinkled across her  wheaten colored face.

She is such a sweetheart and so smart and so good natured.   She learns tricks very quickly, in fact,  just by watching the others do it.  When I first wanted to teach her to 'sit pretty' (on the haunches with the front paws  bent  in a begging type position) , I had Bilbo do 'pretty' then  the other 2 girls did 'pretty' and  when I got to Jaden, she did 'pretty' without any coaching.  It was amazing!

The same with with teaching her how to  lay down and wait and all the other commands.  The others did the tricks first and she  copied and remembered.   When I get her alone she knows how to do all the tricks and loves to do them.

Of course. I give them treats for tricks and she is definitely a little piglet and will do anything for a treat or some love’n.   She loves to eat and loves to be patted and have her belly rubbed and ears scratched.   Jaden's favorite thing now is going for a walk.   When we ask the furkids if they want to go for a walk, Jaden is the first one to the mud room.  She  gets to the mud room where the leashes are kept and sits and waits for us to put her harness and leash on her.  We have all the dogs wait while we put the harnesses and leashed on each one in turn.  They wear their collars  all the time, but when we walk we put the harnesses on them. She and all the dogs  sit patiently waiting for us to open the exterior door and give the command to go through the open door.

We  are amazed by how quickly she has picked up all the commands and because she has such a strong desire to please, she obeys faster then anyone else.  She is a joy as is all the furkids.  The other furkids love Jaden and they play and play and play.  It is comical to see everyone zoomin’ across the yard with a stuffed toy in their mouths as if to say chase me, chase me, chase me and of course they chase each other up and down the yard and back and forth and wrestle.

Jaden and Ron now have a game.  He  squirts the hose and Jaden and Georgi try to catch the water in mid air.  They jump and snap at the flowing water.  We also put a little wash tub in the yard and all the dogs play in that.  Jaden splashes the water with her paw and then tries t catch the moving water.  She ends up drenched.  In the summer heat I am sure this keeps her cool.    Anyway, just wanted to share the fact that her ear is standing up straight and she looks  impressive.
Thanks again Col Potter for Jaden and Rook - two very special Cairns that have enriched our lives beyond words.

- DeAnne and Ron

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