Sunday, July 24, 2011

Princess Leia is All Stars!

Dear wonderful Cairn folks,

This is my first post. I haven't written or had much time to read (thank you, economy!) so please forgive my lurkiness.

I'm posting because we celebrated a really big anniversary last Monday - the one year adoption of our Cairn delight, Princess Leia (was Bangles). I wish you could see me sitting here, all beaming and smiling, because this frightened little PM mommy has transformed into the most dearest, darlingest doggie, an absolute joy, such a snuggly bundle of affection and love that we can't imagine how we lived without her.

Bangles came into our lives on July 18, 2010 from the excellent foster home of Kitty K. She joined a Cairn brother, Wookie named for Chewbacca, so she became Princess Leia. Leia spent her first week hiding in my closet. She didn't have the strength to jump six inches, was terrified of that big wide green expanse we called a lawn, recoiled from our college-age children, and promptly lost her house training.
Leia rug.JPG
Fast forward one year. Leia not only jumps three feet high (four if we have treats), she and Wookie run around the house wrestling all over the place, especially the bed. She adores laps and asks all of the family members for a turn, including the young adults. Leia is a nighttime snugglepuss, in contrast to Wookie, who won't stay on the bed because we disturb his beauty sleep. We fenced in the yard, and it is her big playground and fortress - all potential invaders are soundly warned not to come further! Wookie, Leia and I go for daily walks, and she has plenty of energy and strength for our once-a-week 5 miler. She is very trainable because (no surprise) she LOVES treats. Our current training project is "not freaking out when people are at the front door" (a tough one!). And she blisses out riding around with Dad in the car.

I've (hopefully) attached pictures I took yesterday. Isn't Leia a doll? :)

Thank you for all of the work you do on behalf of Cairns everywhere. Thanks to you, all of our lives, Leia's especially, are immeasurably better than they were one year ago.

Back to lurkerdom,
Marcia McC

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