Monday, July 11, 2011

A Loving Tribute to Edy da Sweetie

The entire Col. Potter family was saddened to learned that cairn imp "Edy da Sweetie what likes to bite tweeties" left for the Rainbow Bridge this weekend.

Here is what her grieving mother wrote:

The vets could not get her blood pressure up, and last night, she passed in her sleep.  Thank you all for your prayers. I know she's in heaven with Rest, Frankie and Old Ben. I'm sure Delli came to greet her  - she's not alone, but she's putting them all in order.

She met every male foster we ever had with a bite on his tweetie and a smack of her butt in his face. They knew who was in charge from minute one.  She's the one who scaled the 5 ft high brick wall to be with her mom. She and Miss Maggie ze Bichon were like salt and pepper - two mischievous girlys hard at play. I know Miss Mags will miss her.  Flynn will be lonely - Edy was the only one who could keep up - even run faster than he runs.

The reason she was president of the NGA was NOT because of tweetie biting - although that helped.
Long ago, one very snowy winter, a squirrel dared be on our deck. I opened the slider, she bolted out - after the squirrel, ducked UNDER THE DECK RAIL and went full speed off the end of my deck - it's like 5 ft in the air.... she landed about 3 ft out - thank goodness she landed on a huge snow pile.I could have killed her right then and there....

John woke up early and prayed that Edy could have peace. That's really all we wanted - life if possible, but peace as well.  She was only 10. It was in finding her, I found Col Potter - and more than 30 fosters made their way to new homes - with her 'training'.

Just last month, when we adopted Darby, we laughed at how Edy was the perfect cairn. Only she would back away from a groundhog cause her daddy told her to.  And she was perfect - an imp and scallywag - in every way but longevity.

Dont take your pets for granted - give them a hug. Edy was our second youngest and this came out of the blue.

Thanks for all your prayers, I know I have to accept this, its just very hard.
Corinne, John and Jack
Duncan Punkin (I miss my girly)
Miss Maggie (who will play with me now?)
Flynn (I lost my running pal)
& Darby (I want to be just like Edy)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Edy. She was one heck of a cairn, that's for sure. I bet The Colonel was there to greet her. Just hope she left his poor tweetie alone.


  2. Small chance of that - BUT if he chased her for it, well, that would make her one happy gal.
    Thanks to everyone for their prayers. I do miss my girly girl.

  3. Not likely - but if he chases her for it, that was the plan.

    thanks to all for their kindness.

  4. What a beautiful dog with such an energetic personality.

    Sorry you lost your precious Edy - what a help she must have been helping to train 30 fosters.

    What great work you and Edy did helping other cairns.