Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rook's Happy Ever After

Col Potter is an awesome organization and I wanted to share our happy ever after story with you. A year ago, we adopted Rook when she was 10 months old rom Col Potter. 

She is a wonderful, loving, playful, intelligent, sweet, beautiful dog. She is a joy and we love her dearly. You could not ask for a better little girl. She loves to play with stuffed or unstuffed soft toys and always has one in her mouth or near by and runs around the yard with a toy in her mouth. 

She also loves to go for walks and will happily step into her harness one paw at a time for the pleasure of going on an outing. She has excellent walking manners except when a squirrel races by or a bunny hops across the way or a bird dares to land nearby.

Rook became fast friends with Bilbo, our male Cairn who is over 13 years old. Bilbo tires easily and Rook's energy was unstoppable so we decided Rook would flourish with another playmate closer to her age. We adopted another female Cairn who was 6 months old and her Mom and Dad did not want her because she was a handful with boundless energy. Rook looks out for her fursibs and they play for hours on end. The girls wrestle with Bilbo like little pups with their Mom. They do play bows and jump over him and sit on their haunches and bat him in the face and he plays back. He is almost twice their size, but he is very gentle with them and lays on the floor and lets them climb all over him and gently mouths them pulling at their ears. The girls look out for Bilbo and let him nap when he is tired, but when it is dinner time, they wake him up. When it is time for a walk, they call him to get his leash on. It is so sweet.

Because Cairns are such wonderful dogs and bring such much joy into our home we went back to Col Potter and adopted Jaden (aka Spinach) an 8 month old female. Jaden has fit perfectly into our family. She is sweet and loving, beautiful, inquisitive and full of energy and gets into everything. She loves to explore. The dogs all get along fantastically. They play and wrestle together and chase each other around the yard. They also dig holes together. We are not sure what they are looking for, but the 4 dogs dig together so they must be smelling something in the dirt or they are trying to dig their way to China(LoL!!) Jaden loves nylabones and balls. She loves to throw the ball in the air and runs and chases it. The other furkids now play with the balls that had been laying dormant in the yard. I guess Jaden was taught what to do with a ball. When we go for our daily walk, Jaden walks side by side with Rook. At first Jaden was afraid of vehicles and noises, but with Rook at her side, Jaden is now enjoying the adventures we go on each day. Ron walks in front with the Rook and jaden and I wlak in back with Bilbo and Georgie and both Jaden and Rook look back to be sure we do not get lost.

Col Potter is a wonderful oganization that has helped so many Cairns. We want to thank the organization for bringing these wonderful dogs into our homes and enriching our lives. Each and every volunteer makes a huge difference in the life of a dog. God bless you all.

- DeAnne and Ron E

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