Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Annie - the Four-Footed Valentine

Two weeks ago, I got the best Valentine's gift!! I flew to Omaha from Durham, NC to get Annie and bring her to her Forever Home. I got the chance to meet Annie's foster mom, Diane, which was great. Annie met the resident male Cairn, Rex ,upon arrival. He was very curious about her, and she was very shy and not very interested in him. Annie is 4, a former working mom, and Rex is nearly 10, and has lived a wonderful life since birth. Annie followed my every step at first, but cowered or ran if I tried to touch her or pick her up. She was scared of most things, but she has never been shy where food and treats are concerned! She dances around so much that sometimes I have to put her on the kitchen counter to keep her from getting in Rex's way while he eats. Some special friends have been over to meet Annie. This allowed Annie to be held and stroked while I had some Rex time. We even went to play with two other Cairns who were adopted by Gail in Chapel Hill. Annie learned to go up and down stairs on that visit. She's such a brave girl!

Annie has really blossomed in her short time here. She now comes right up to me for a love or to be picked up. She still flattens to the floor or runs if I make an unexpected move, or there's a loud unexpected noise. She sleeps on a king sized bed with her special pillow and pink blanket. She loves playing with her toys, leaving them all over the house. She no longer follows me, but she does keep an eye on me. She goes outside with Rex, instead of waiting for me to take her. Every little step towards independence is a huge achievement. She is still afraid of new things and new people, and we've got to get that potty training done. Annie is a delight! I look forward to hearing her bark when she hears my car pull into the garage. I enjoy seeing her climb onto the little sofa next to Rex.

It's amazing the changes that Annie has made since she has been here. In only two weeks, she has gone from shy, scared, staying right on my heels, to going outside alone or with Rex, playing with toys, and coming right to me for hugs and kisses. She has a long way to go, but she has made great strides already.

Here is a picture of Annie with Rex.

I'm so happy to have Annie in my family. I know there's a beautiful flower in there, just waiting to fully bloom.

Sally B

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