Monday, March 22, 2010

Jude's Adoption Day

Here is a great adoption story about how a scared mill puppy can adjsut in a loving foster home, then be adopted for a happy ever after, as told by foster mom Kathy:

My little foster Jude (black brindle) has come so far in the last few weeks. The day I picked her up from the breeder, she immediately started drooling as we drove away, and within 30 miles, on straight, fairly flat 4-lane highway, she threw up out of nervousness and fear. For days, she was scared of truly everything, hiding her head between your arm and your body. She acted like she'd been kept in the dark her whole life - and I think she literally had. But I knew being with my pack she'd start learning what it was like to be a normal dog. Over the past 6 weeks, she's learned that toys are fun, lightswitch clicks won't harm you, car rides are kinda scary but do-able, and people can really be a wonderful source of great things. The lights came on for her! She not only has been overcoming her fears, but she's also become a great ambassador for my scared foster boy Louisville - helping him to come out of his shell and play. Watching them has been like Mutt and Jeff - he twice her size. Yesterday, Jude's new mom arrived to spend the night and take her little girl home with her today. We had a wonderful visit, even though the weather was cold and drippy. I had to count heads when she left today to make sure one of my kids hadn't stowed away in her suitcase - especially since little Daphne was able to overcome her timidness and gave her kisses galore, and she couldn't sit down without Rudy wanting to be in her lap! LOL And Jude did the 7 hour drive home without having a sick tummy :-) Attached are a couple of pics I had Barney take before they left this morning -

Happy Forever, Jude! Maybe I'll see you again at CRAP this summer :-)
Kathy H in MO

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