Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oliver Twist fka Ewan now has a "Happy Face"

The photo on the left shows Ewan's sad little face of confusion when we first got him in late October. The below photos is more recent and shows his happy face, how he LOVES the snow (rolls in it, buries his toys in it).

He started obedience school 2 weeks ago and heels beautifully now, stays while I walk around him, but does not like to sit; can't figure that out. But he catches on to everything else quickly, and is so smart.

He is so loving, not as needy in the cuddling department as when we first got him but still wants his daily quota. Then he is off running in circles, down the hall, around the furniture, up on the bed for about 5 minutes, then he's ready to snuggle in for an hour or two; always ends up in his 'safe' crate before morning.  He had a play date yesterday with a little 9-yr.old Yorkie boy named Spike, and they had a blast after the required sniffing and growling.

You know, I really thought I would not have a hard time as a foster parent, 'cause he was not what I wanted (a black female); but his personality won me over (after my husband had already fallen in love with him). He continues to blossom and grow every day; he will love the backyard this summer with all the birds and squirrels to chase. And we continue to love him more every day.

Thank you CPCRN for the good work that you do!"

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