Friday, March 19, 2010

From Camper to Baker - This Boy has a Great Career!

Foster Mom Kathy H sent this adoption day story:

Our Camper boy left this morning for a new adventure in life - that of being someone's forever boy. He'd been here since the end of June and was feeling VERY comfortable.  His new mom and dad are retired military(one an audiologist and the other physician) and live in Vancouver, WA - the perfect place for this boy as he loves water and loves snow!

He now has a Cairn sister named Mollie who is 11 years young, and she's given her approval of the new boy in the house. Mom works a few days a week, and Dad's office is out of the home, so he'll pretty much have someone with him 24/7.

Camper's new name will be Baker, which ironically is the name of the university our two daughters graduated from.

Happy Forever, Camper - you've found HIGH COTTON for sure!

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