Friday, March 5, 2010

Izzy's First Year of Freedom and Fun

Hard for us to believe it, but February 13 was Izzy’s (fka Macaw, Freedom Flyer) 1-year “Got-Cha” day! It seems like just a short time ago that we drove to Florida to meet her foster parents at Cracker Barrel and that we first laid eyes on that terrified little gray ball of fur.

The ride home back to South Carolina was accompanied by frequent “what are we getting ourselves into” thoughts. It filled me with tears to look into her eyes and think about what the past 4.5 years had been like for her as a mill-momma. Izzy would flatten-out if someone moved too fast near her, instinctively thinking someone was going to hurt her. She was afraid to walk outside, would not move from one spot in a room to another spot, so we did a lot of dog-toting-around those first few weeks.

Izzy’s “first-time” achievements, when they occurred, made us so happy you would think we’d just won the lottery. Like the first time she walked a few steps across the living room floor. The first time she jumped onto the couch. The first time she licked my face. The first time she walked down the hall alone (she was terrified of halls and doorways for over 6 months). Potty time was a real challenge for months, as it took her a looooong while to relax enough to “go”. When walking outside, she would stop, freeze in her steps, and refuse to move any further. Now she does her business as soon as we take her out, then she uses the rest of the time to smell the yard and visit with the cat.

We had snow for the first time last week and she is a real snow-hound. She ran in it so fast that she was kicking up a snowstorm in front of her, then she would fall over on her side and roll in it. She still does not play with or show any interest in her dog-toys, but in the last few weeks she occasionally will get frisky and start “mouthing” at our hands like she wants to play.

Can’t wait to see what “first-time” achievements are in store for the coming year! Izzy has blessed us so much this last year and we can’t imagine life without her. Thanks to Col. Potter and all the wonderful people of this rescue group that made this possible.

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