Saturday, March 20, 2010

Newark's New Home

Hi there, Col Potter family!!
It's me, Aberdeen Eilean Thomas, better known as "Abbey", formerly known as "Newark".

My new Mom, Gail, picked me up last night from Foster Mom Chris. I said good-bye to all my foster brothers and sisters and headed home to Momma's house, and my "fur-ever" home. I spent a lot of time looking around inside and outside. I even went potty nicely for Momma outside where I am supposed to go potty. She said I was a "very good girl". I had some supper, went potty again, and then settled down on the sofa with Momma to watch TV.

We were very comfy and cozy on the sofa. All of a sudden new sister Sedona Kitty came out to see what was going on. We just kind of looked at each other for a bit. Momma said I was very good. I didn't chase my sister or anything. I wish she would let me say "hi", but she just hides under the bed. I think once she knows that I am a good little girl and won't hurt her, she will come out from under the bed and play with me.

I slept very quietly last night. Momma said she didn't even know that a new pup was in the house. When she got up, we went outside to potty. I was very good again and got a treat. I helped Momma make her coffee by supervising the preparation very closely. She even let me lay on her bed while I gave her some makeup tips. I was VERY helpful this morning. Momma says that, because I wanted to be everywhere she is, she feels like she has run an agility course this morning, having to step over me and around me so many times. She says that's OK, because this will help with keeping her knees in shape and with her exercises.

I think I am really going to like it here. Momma loves to play with me and teach me fun things. I think we already have a handle on sit, and down. Tonight we are going to the park for a nice long walk. She says I will see boats in the marina on our walk and meet other nice dogs like me.

So, I just wanted to say thanks everybody for taking such good care of me until I could find my "fur-ever home". I am so happy I could just......... pee!

Oh, oh!

I will be in touch again soon. Momma lets me send e-mails on her computer. Did I tell you Momma says I am very smart!!

Licks and puppy kisses

Abbey Eilean

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  1. Abbey is a very good girl...I think she and her Momma (who is also my Momma) are very happy together! Abbey is one lucky pup for sure! Here's a link to a recent snapshot of Abbey:
    See Abbey's photo!