Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Three Cairns - Ginger, Buddy and Millie

Anne and Bob M of Pittsburgh, PA recently sent an update of their three cairns. Here is what she says:

Ginger is a dear senior cairn, who we adopted from a local shelter 10 years or so ago.

Buddy is the light of our life, adopted from Col. Potter a few years back. We picked him up in Gros Isle, Michigan and he has been our delight ever since. He is a dog dog and does not think he is human. Loves to cuddle but at his own time and place. Follows my husband about, always anticipating a walk. He is eager, funny, fast, and so sweet.

Millie came to us during a transport last March or April. She didn’t bark for 6 weeks (does now!), couldn’t do stairs for even longer, although she could jump onto a couch for a snuggle. She is still, almost a year later, proud of herself when she manages stairs. She is a dear sweet marshmallow of a dog with not a mean bone in her body. She is tilted to a definite California Rake with her back end much higher than her front and her fur the consistency of silk and oh, those eyes!!!!! In her whole life she will never get enough pats.

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