Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gustav - now Gus - is a Jersey Boy

Gus here,

This will be quick 'cuz Mom helped me write a long note and we lost it when we tried to add some pictures.
Had a good day, up early when Mom went to check on Sami, but she is sick so didn't go to school. So...we got to go outside and eat early and then go back to sleep for awhile. I've been good with my potty stops, no accidents in the house or crate and if asked to go out I run right to the back door, and I've gone to the door a couple of times myself. I even went through the doggy door a couple of times. Mom gave Abby and me brand new Kongs with kibble and peanut butter in them. Of course, I had mine in a crate, because I've been told that Abby is the boss and will steal stuff from me. Mine was great and I think Abby's was too.

So, besides the fact that Mom says she didn't get anything done today because of watching us and reading on the computer, it was a good day. Sami's playing with us now. She just had us in a tug-a-war with socks tied together, but Abby's smarter than me and won, getting a little to close for Mom's comfort so that was the end of the game for tonite.

Gotta go, all of my human family is sniffing and coughing and need some rest. Check out the great pictures that Mom got of us today. Abby's the biggin' and I'm the little guy.


Gus (the newest Jersey Boy)

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