Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kesy's Gotcha Day - PM to Princess!

Today is Kasey's Gotcha Day - one year ago John and I drove to New Jersey and picked her up from Denise and Andre. I can't believe it's been a year already! 

Kasey was originally known as Backpack (from the Back to School Intakes Group) and was a puppy mill mom. Because of her background, she had some issues that we needed to overcome. For the first few months she was here, we had to carry her in and out of doors. She didn't really like walking very far and was hesitant when greeting other dogs. She also had some issues with men and, at times, I felt badly for John, who spoiled her even more than I did :)

Last week John and I went away and couldn't take Kasey with us on this trip. So we had to use the DREADED KENNEL. Though I don't want to do that too often, I think she really benefited from her stay. Since she's been home, she seems a little more lively than before. The other
day John opened the front door, and she tore out to greet our neighbors' dogs, Sierra and Nevada - she never would have done that before (although that can also be a bad thing :) 

She loves to take two or three-mile walks now. The biggest change was the other day when I wasn't home - she went down to the basement where John has his office and laid on the sofa while he worked at his desk. That really made his day! Right now she's standing at the top of the basement stairs "talking" to John because he's not moving fast enough - I keep telling him not to say the word "ride" until we're ready to go out the door.

As I mentioned before, while we were recently visiting our daughter, Kasey got swatted on the head when she tried to play with Pete, their very large cat. Their resident chihuahua also is not a "player" - so Harriet and her CP adoptee, Zoe, came to visit one day. It was great meeting
them, but Zoe was not inclined to play either. We're planning on trying that again. I've attached a photo of Kasey and Zoe and also one of Kasey sitting in her favorite chair (we love how she props herself up on the arm of the chair :)

Since we adopted Kasey, we've helped out with a few transports. I'd like to encourage everyone to do that - it's so much fun transporting the dogs and seeing the different personalities. And it's also great meeting other people involved in CP. 

Adopting a dog from Col Potter is quite an amazing process and I just want to say thank you again for all you do. 

John & Donna B, Baltimore


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