Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Tale of Two Doggies...or Four

A quick update to those of you who know that the Krebs Kennel has gotten delightfully out of hand.

My first-ever foster, Cyrano of the Famous Lovers, was an absolute doll. As I told my mentor, if he had been my third or fourth foster, I might have known not to ever let him go. But I was new and idealistic and I did...however his adoptive home did not work out. Happily Col. Potter allowed me to bring him back to Kansas and he is now Mulligan, my "do-over" dog.

It quickly became clear that, at age 3, Mulligan has far more energy and orneriness than my 11-year old pair -- Bogey (CPs Brigand) and Pearl (a rescue Westie). I set out to find a pal for the new boy and Col. Potter graciously allowed me to adopt "Amazing Grace" or Gracie!

Little 3-year old Gracie has had quite a lot of turmoil in her life and was a bit spooked when we shuffled her again. But she has bonded like glue to Mulligan and has special relationships with each of the oldsters. It's all helping her to sublimate her timidity and enhance her assertiveness!
So now we're headed into the winter months with a houseful of furry friends. We couldn't be happier -- THANK YOU, Col. Potter!!!

Charlotte in Lawrence, KS

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