Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mary - Cairn Sweetness and So Much More!

Today, my adopted Cairn Mary turned 12 years old! In the fall of 2005, she was liberated and the wonderful people at Colonel Potter gave her the care she needed (and the name Mary, which I didn't change) until she found her forever home with me and her sometimes-grouchy Cairn sister, Ginger, on November 6, 2005. She was fostered in Wisconsin and adopted when I lived in Chicago, and now we all live in Dallas, where the winters are much kinder to little dog paws.

I thought today was a good day to give you this update and thank you for the opportunity to have such a wonderful little Cairn be a part of my life for the past six years. She just had a check-up at the vet two weeks ago, and is still going strong, albeit a tiny little bit slower. A clean bill of health, and a sweet disposition to boot - what more could a proud Cairn parent ask?

I am attaching a picture, just in case you would like to have another happy ending to add to your lovely list of successes.

Thank you again for allowing me the chance to have Mary be a part of my life.

Barbara S


  1. They are such blessings in our lives...

  2. I hope she had a blast on her birthday. We always have to be thankful for having good pets who will be there to accompany us always.