Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kerry - and FurSis Kyna - Stop to Smell the Flowers of Furever!

Kerry is slowly intergrating herself into her new home. She is so funny because she will seek me out, but then when I look at her and give her a big HI, she goes running. But the kisses keep coming. When I lie on the couch, she even kisses my toes!

She is becoming more and more brave each that I mean, exploring her new home. She has three "safe" places, the couch, the corner of the office, and her bed. However, my Cairn, Kyna, learned how to break out of that thing years ago, and the first day that I left them alone, Kyna free, and Kerry in the "bed"...we actually call it the "pup tent..." I arrived home and Kerry was out and sitting on our bed and Kyna was on her bench. Both of them looking like...what? we didn't do anything. Very, very funny! And a couple of times we've both gotten up in the morning and left the dogs in the bedroom and Kyna will be sitting by the pup tent waiting for Kerry to come out!!!

She has almost mastered going up and down the stairs...all 14 of them, and she does really well with it. Last night she was a hoot. For some reason when I sat on the couch, she got really feisty and we started "wrestling." We were laughing so hard at her!! Just about every morning we sit down on the floor with both of them and have fun "wrestling." And she is even responding to her new name. I say Kerry, and she looks at me with those big brown eyes...heart melting!!!

Kerry is an absolute joy, and more and more of her personality shines each day. I'm thankful for Colonel Potter and this lovely addition to our family. And thankful for all of you that made it possible.

Cathie W

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