Sunday, December 5, 2010

Star Burns Brightly and Celebrates Her Gotcha Day

In November 2008,  we participated in a transport for CP Tick and offered the 1st night B&B.  We were in the process of a CP search for a new dog but I told my husband when we agreed to the B&B that she was a puppy (10 mos) and we agreed we didn’t need a puppy so do not fall in love.  When she got here, Bob set up her accommodations and gave her some toys.  She picked up the 1st one and dropped it by his feet, he threw it, and before you knew it, the toy was back.  Say again with me Bob, “we do not need a puppy”.  We were both pretty amazed at how important people were to her and her fetching skills were already remarkable.  Star pretty much did not leave Bob the entire time she was here.  But he reluctantly said good bye the next morning and I continued with the next leg of the transport.  She ended up in Wisconsin in the middle of winter.  We continued our search for a new family member, and Tick constantly entered our conversations but we were concerned that her personality might be a little much for our current CP resident, Maggie.   When she was listed on the available Cairn page, I told Bob and he just lit up.  OK fine.  She had left an impression on both of us.  December 5, 2008, we traveled to a very cold and snowy Minnesota to meet her foster parents and retrieve Tick renamed Star Bright in honor of the Christmas season.   As it turned out, Maggie could not be more thrilled.  She was very happy to see Star and Maggie immediately assumed the Alpha role.   Star had no interest in leadership.  Star would rather be the class clown.  These two could not be better matched.  Bob and Star remain pretty much inseparable.  She is exceptionally smart and very loving.   She is a tad OCD which either provides our comedic relief or downright frustration because she can’t forget about that bunny that may or may not have been on the other side of the fence.  Thank you to all CP volunteers that brought Star into our lives.

Bob, Cindy, Maggie & Star E
Emporia, KS 

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