Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Name for a Great Cairn! Tolley Buck Werth Kelly III

I’m sure you noticed the name change, we thought long and hard about his name, we wanted to keep his original name, but we also wanted to include where we adopted him from too. Hence, Tolley (Toledo), Buck (Buckeye State), Werth (original), and the III (Kelly’s 3rd cairn).  We call him Tolley for now but one day it could be Buckie or Werth or whatever. 
He is GREAT!!!!  He is everything you said he was and more. We have only had a few minor scuffles between him and Jesse, they are just figuring out who is who. The cats are figuring out if they don’t run, he doesn’t know what to do with them. Winking smile And even the young cat is starting to ambush Tolley around corners. So all is good there.  Monday, when Jesse and Tolley were out in the yard together, they started chasing each other around. That is great. First time for that.  Something else that is incredibly funny that Tolley does is, you know the laser pointers that cats like to play with? Well Tolley LOVES it, we can get him all the exercise he needs with just that, it is sooooooo incredibly funny watching him chase that little red dot.  Jack loves to do it for him. And then even funnier, Tolley will keep looking for the red dot long after we have quit playing. If we get that on video we might just win $10,000!
Tolley is doing great on potty training, we had a couple accidents the first few days, but we put that to stress and newness. 
Sunday we went to Pilot Mountain to go hiking, and Tolley had a great time climbing up and down the rocks. It is so much fun having a young dog that can do that kind of thing again. Jesse goes too, but since she went blind in one eye she doesn’t go as far and as crazy. When it gets warm again we have lots of great places we can take them to get wet in streams and creek beds.
We are so very much enjoying him, he is the best thing we could have done.  We originally got Tolley to replace Tucker who was Kelly’s dog, but he has adopted me, it mostly has to do with I am here all day and have to alpha them.  Thank you soooo much for fostering him and allowing us the opportunity to adopt him, he is fantastic. 
Will send more updates later.

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