Monday, December 27, 2010

Cairn Judy's Empathy Shared

I thought that I would share this Christmas email from the family who adopted Seraphim (now Judy) about two years ago.  This little girl was a very scared mill dog who has overcome so much with the love and patience her home has given her.  As you will read from the email below that Judy is now able to show extraordinary empathy for a little human girl who lost her kitty.   Mary (KS)

Mary; Merry Xmas!! from Kevin, Chris, Jack, and Judy. Sorry still no pictures, one resolution I didn't keep - still don't know how to download pictures. Jack and Judy just continue to thrive. Judy has mastered jumping up on to Chris' bed on her own,with the help of a footstool. (My bed is still too high) We are now working on jumping down..She will, but takes some coaxing.

She has had a few health issues. A couple months ago, she was experiencing some dental/gum problems. The vet had to do some dental work, mostly on the gums, they had to put her out, but she was able to keep her teeth. Last week she was bitten, by an insect, or small rodent. Her rear right paw had a swollen spot on it. I took her to the vet to clean and lance it. She still has a dressing/bandage on it, but it is healing.

Yesterday I took her to the vet to change/check the dressing. While we were waiting , a family came in with an emergency. Their cat (Coco) was deathly ill. Coco died while we were there. Their little girl (Summer- about 6-8 yrs. old) came over and sat down next to Judy and me, while her parents settled business with the vet. She was very somber, and spoke quite frankly, but in a soft voice, holding back a few tears. She started petting Judy as we chatted. At one point, Judy looked up at Summer, with her sad eyes, and scooted over next to her on the bench, and started to lick/kiss her. It was a touching moment. I think it was theraputic for both of them. I almost melted. I knew you would like to hear about this.Hope all is well for You and Yours and all the pets.

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