Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jojo is a Sweet Girl!

This is a long overdue message from me. This is beautiful day with the birds working the feeders and the dogs sleeping. JoJo is doing well. She has become a sweet old girl. She is so set in her ways and so predictable in her ways you can set a clock by her. 4 o'clock is feeding time never to be missed, but morning may be when she is ready.
Often after everyone else has eaten.

Last summer was so hot and for a few days she wouldn't eat. I thought that we might be losing her, but I added some wet food and she regained her appetite. (No matter what I do, she will not lose a pound)

A year ago we rescued a male Cairn which is a long story. I did it part to get the bonding that comes with a puppy. He's going to be a sweet heart if he ever grows up. I had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. The good news that it ended up being good for JoJo. She finally is getting exercise that she never would have gotten otherwise. Beau bonded with her immediately, and I thought this might be the puppy she never got to raise. He prefers playing with her to Mack. Sometimes he can be out of hand, but before you know it she will use her weight and put him on his back. We are sending some pictures which I hope you enjoy. As you can see, JoJo is getting a little gray but then what can I say. She has been a blessing and we thank you for rescuing her for us.


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