Monday, September 6, 2010

CP's Lucy turns 7 - and Gives Back to Her Rescuers!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was Lucy's (CP's Nurture) 7th birthday. I didn't realize it until late in the evening and all she got was some boiled chicken as a special treat with her dinner.

However, today I am going into town and I thought about what I could get her. She loves to wear dresses, but has way too many already, and she has just really started getting into toys, but her and Archie's Cairn Toys toybox is full to the brim. So, after asking her for ideas, she said she would like for me to make a donation to Col. Potter in her honor of her 7th birthday. Had it not been for Col. Potter she may have not seen her 7th b-day.

So, a special thanks to Col. Potter for rescuing my super special Cairn girl Lucy. She is truly a blessing and we have enjoyed having her for almost 2 years now. Many many thanks, and we hope Lucy's special birthday gift and help another mill momma see her 7th birthday.

Houma, LA

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