Monday, September 6, 2010

The Many Adventures of Cypress ... er, Gracie

Hello Stacey - Just wanted to let you know Cypress, now Gracie is home. She is a good traveler, and a great dog. She is getting comfortable and follows Teri around like a shadow. Attached are a few pictures (note that she is sitting on the one couch Teri said she is not allowed. That lasted about five minutes). Thanks for all your help.

Jeff and Teri
Here's an update from Cypress' dad to let us know they made it home safely. He's included some cute pictures. You can sure tell this girl's going to be the center of the universe. :-) (Her collar and matching leash are bright pink with Hawaii spelled out in white embroidery. They were hoping to adopt Cypress as soon as they got home from their vacation. :-)

To explain the 'couch comment', Teri had said there was just one piece of furniture that Cypress wouldn't be allowed on - a couch. lol Apparently that's going to take some training, but I'm not sure who's going to get trained. ;-)

Dear Cuzins,

Everybody's got talents, but I think we found mine today. I have been DISCOVERED! I gotz talent!

You see at my house, Mama has a toybox in the famblyroom. It's a GREAT BIG toybox like Uncle Brian makes. In fact it's JUST like the ones Uncle Brian makes! Yesterday I found it and climbed right in, head first. Down inside it I found this CUTE pink bunny. She's bigger than my head! but I'm a strong little cairn girl, so I held my head REALLY high and brought it over to show Mary. Then I had to go find a whole bunch of other toys to show Mary. I was very busy digging in the toybox for quite a while!

This morning, after I went potty, I got to go in the famblyroom again (this is the DISCOVERED part). I found a fun toy and brought it to Mary and she tossed it away from her. I went and got it for her and she tossed it again! I kept picking up her toys and bringing them back to her and she kept throwing them. She said I was playing fetch and she said I was the BEST fetcher she'd ever seen! We played for FIFTEEN minutes straight and every time she threw it, I'd bring it back to her.

This is a fun game. You guys should try it at your house!

Cypress - Da Monster slowly turning into a princess.

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