Monday, September 6, 2010

Denver's Rainbow at the End of a Long Road Home

Denver has lived with us since February of this year. It's been a long road teaching her how to live peacefully among other dogs, where to stand by her dish when it's time to eat, how not to push into someone else's dish when they were still eating. how to play, how to potty outside by using a doggy door. But she did it and has actually even learned her sit command. You can just look at her face and know that she has finally come into her own. We thought for some time that she may not get adopted and actually set a date that if no one adopted her we would. She's 7, will be 8 in December. For those of you who have fosters that are this age or older I know how hard it is trying to express their qualities when everyone wants "a 2 year old female".

Tonight is Dee's last night with us. Tomorrow she will meet her new family, they are driving from NC to me, in south Florida to pick her up. They are so very excited and called me tonight to let me know everything that they have gotten for her. Allen says he brought BB for her to eat and is going to order Wagatha's biscuits.

Thank you MM's for find her the perfect home. Cathy is retired and Allen is semi-retired. Dee will have a big fenced in yard to hunt and play. I told her how beautiful NC is and that she might even get to play in some snow. Hope she remembers how she came to us (wild woman) and how much she taught us about patience and understanding. We wish her so much happiness in her new home.

Port St. Lucie, FL

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