Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playful Gouda is now Buddy, the Hunter

Buddy is doing really well and we still have not experienced any problems with him. He has adjusted very well or maybe we just adjusted to him. Probably both. He spends a great deal of time outside where he runs free through the entire back yard and chases squirrels or Christy. They are nice playmates and neither gets too rough with the other; they are pretty well matched. Christy seems to allow Buddy to be the alpha most times when they play. She works really hard to get him distracted enough from chasing squirrels to play with her that she is usually the most submissive one. You should hear the belly laughs we have watching those two at play.

Buddy's attention is on his hunting at this point in time. He is not as interested in anything but going outside and patrolling the yard. I guess I cannot blame him since he has spent the majority of his life in a cage. We sure hate to make him come in but I believe he would live outside if we let him. He reminds me of a child who plays until they drop over from exhaustion. I had to carry him to bed tonight; he was like a little limp doll he was so tired. Christy is running and playing more which is good for her physical health.

We are so thankful to all of you guys who helped us adopt this little guy. He is such a blessing to our family. Thanks again!


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