Monday, September 6, 2010

Run One for the Gipper - Support Canine Cancer Research

Gipper is a much-loved Westie who recently lost his battle with canine cancer.  That's why on Saturday, September 25th his two-footer brother, Nick, is running in the Bruiser 5K - a race to raise funds for Canine Cancer research.

In honor of Gipper and all the dogs that are battling or have lost the battle to cancer, please join us in the fight and make a donation to the Bruiser 5K. The Bruiser 5K has helped fund canine cancer research at Penn Veterinary Medicine and with your help will continue to raise funds for research that is so desperately needed. Make your donation today to help save the life of a trusted friend and family member.

Nick has a personal fundraising page setup where you can donate online. Just go to and follow the instructions. Any amount is greatly appreciated and it goes directly to the National Canine Cancer Research Foundation.

To read more about the Bruiser 5k click here;

Thank you for your generosity and support. Be sure to check out Nick’s site to see how far he surpasses his fundraising goal!

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