Friday, December 25, 2009

Maggie's Monumental Day

Happy Holidays to the group! I am basically just a lurker so do not post much. I am the proud Mom of Maggie (fka Obama) and Star (fka Tick).

Maggie is a typical puppy mill momma with some of the familiar fears. She by far is not the most scarred but still her transition from the scared little dog we picked up in May 2008 to today is remarkable. She never ceases to amaze us and it has been a rewarding experience.

The most frustrating thing that we have had to deal with though is her relationship with our Marine Son. He does not visit much and he is not much of a dog person. Strange in itself as my husband and I are! We know Maggie is not comfortable with men and her response is generally just stay away but no - not with our son - instead she barks and barks and barks.

Last Christmas we were prepared with toasted hotdogs and made Patrick sit still and make her come to him to get this special treat. And it did work unbelievably well. She did calm down. Not completely but it was bearable.

Now to my news!! Patrick returned home from his deployment last night. He has not been in this house for a year. It was midnight before we got home and we had also brought our 2 year old Granddaughter home. I did not have the strength to deal with Maggie and a sleeping child so although this sounds really rude, I asked Patrick if he could just quietly sneak to the basement while Maggie was outside and we would deal with her in the morning. Quite the reception for a returning Marine but it was the middle of the night!

So this morning he quietly climbs the stairs. Yes both dogs barked but Patrick extended his hand to Maggie and she quieted. He gave her some cereal and although at first she declined, she eventually did accept. The barking was over in seconds!!

He is able to move freely and although there is still some resistance and a bark here and there, it is absolutely peaceful! Yes, this is a monumental day!! Now if we can just get Maggie to stop carrying off our Granddaughter's toys . . . . !

And as for Star, she does not like strangers. She warms up quite fast but does not jump in their arms at any point. She had her initial bark or two but she is fine. She let him throw her ball but would not take it back to him. Not yet but maybe by the end of his stay. Merry Christmas everyone!

Cindy E in Emporia, KS
Happily owned by Maggie and Star

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