Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas from Oyster, FKA Daiquiri

Hey Aunty Dilys and Uncle Steve

I just wanted to thank you so much for looking after me and finding me a lovely mum and dad.

Mum lets me out of the crate in the morning I have a quick jump onto the bed but can't stay long as I really have to go outside and pee. Then it's back into the house. Remember the stairs that puzzled me so, on our visit. I go up those like greased lightning now.
While I'm doing that Dad gets dressed and puts my new raincoat onto me, then I get my breakfast because as soon as I have eaten, off we go to the 'Wildwood' to take care of #2.
Gosh it's so great. Every day there are new scents and stories to sniff so I'm having a ball.

We go up to the fallen tree and then come back and go out to the cliff and I get to jump over the smaller trees and gullies so my muscles are getting stronger already and to tell the truth I think I've put on weight. OH, and my hair is getting longer as well.

I get lot's of praise when I answer to my new name and I am learning to put my bum on the floor when I hear the word 'Sit'.

On our walks, I now have a 15 foot training leash that gives me more room to explore, Dad is working at getting me to keep the leash loose and it's coming along. Most of the time I just amble along, stopping now and then to sniff the news, but every once in a while something comes over me and I make a mad dash for it. I don't know why. The nice thing is that with the long leash Dad can slow me down softly and easily and I don't come to the end with a sudden jerk that almost flips me over backwards.

I have a friend who comes to visit me and I visit him at his house. He's a black Lab, much older than me and he's very gentle.

I've also been to Vancouver already and I met anther sort of creature, which I think Mum and Dad called a cat. In fact I've met three of them now. From their strange scent, I've got a feeling that there might be one next door as I get that same scent when I'm in the back yard.

Twice we went down to the boat and that was exciting, I got to walk around and go down below. I have to have a lift up and down those stairs because they are so steep. The second time Dad started up something he called an engine. It made a bit of a racket but didn't scare me one bit.

I'm pretty sure we're off to Port Coquitlam tomorrow for something called Christmas.

Anyway I just wanted you to know how Happy I am here and I owe it all to you and your friends who rescued me and found me the best Mum and Dad in the world. I still love you Aunty Dilys and Uncle Steve and hope to see you when we return.

Love to you both,

P.S. You know that thing that I do when I lay on my tummy and you call it 'Doing the Fog'. Dad always says I'm 'Oystering' :)))

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